Please read the following information and then complete and submit the “Pre-Enrollment Information” form.

  • This form is for pre-enrolling your child, or children, in the Good Earth Kindergarten classroom,1st grade classroom, or 2nd grade classroom for 2016-2017 school year.
  • If you have younger children that will be eligible to attend Good Earth in future years but will not be ready to enroll in school for the 2016-2017 school year, please submit the child’s name and date of birth, then please select “Child will be Pre-K in 2016-2017″or you may select “N/A”
    • (Please note: Once the charter school is open, younger siblings of children already enrolled in Good Earth will have priority placement during future open enrollment periods.)
  • Pre- Enrollment*, per PA Charter School Law, is a non-binding intention to enroll your child/children in Good Earth charter School.
  • Pre- Enrollment*, per PA Charter School Law, cannot guarantee a seat for any child in the charter school.
    • (Please note: There will be a formal enrollment process after the school’s charter has been approved; that is the time when a child is awarded a seat in the school or potentially placed on a waiting list.)
  • Pre- Enrollment*, per PA Charter School Law, does not affect your eligibility to enroll your child in any public, private, or charter school at any time.
  • Pre- Enrollment*, per PA Charter School Law, indicates an interest on the part of the parent or guardian to consider formal enrollment once the school’s charter has been approved.
  • Pre-Enrollment* demonstrates parental and community support for this particular charter school. This demonstration of support and community interest is of critical importance towards obtaining formal approval of the school’s charter.


Parents Information

  • Child Information

  • by typing your name here you are electronically signing this document