Using the guiding principles and methodologies of Rudolf Steiner’s Waldorf Education enhanced by the theories of Multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardner and the educational paradigm of eco-literacy, Good Earth Charter School will provide an education that ignites the imagination, engages the heart, develops the mind and opens up the world for each student to find their unique place within it. It is the school’s intention to cultivate and expand the child’s many intelligences through offering an integrated, arts-based curriculum that is far reaching to each student’s unique capabilities. Students will receive an inspired classical education rich in the humanities, arts, sciences, history and cultures of the world. The school will support the growth of each child into a confident, creative, self-directed person with a sense of social responsibility, compassion, integrity and a respect for all life.

Special emphasis will be given to “whole child” education using the aforementioned Waldorf educational methods and enhanced by Howard Gardner’s theories of Multiple Intelligences. Both Steiner and Gardner created an educational approach that provides a holistic understanding of the child’s needs and potentials. By addressing diverse learning styles these methods provide a means to nurture success and academic mastery for all students. Both of these models encourage the integration of the arts into academic subjects by using the visual arts, movement, poetry, music, storytelling and drama. There is a growing body of evidence that shows student involvement in the arts can make a significant difference in improving academic achievement and students’ motivation and engagement in learning.

Additionally, Good Earth Charter School will be a progressive Waldorf-Methods school. We will cultivate a spirit of openness, creativity, innovation, and flexibility to meet the needs of children in the 21st century and to ensure that state standards are met while preserving the essential qualities of this classical educational philosophy. Waldorf teaching methods are valued because they emphasize a nurturing, multi-sensory, multi-cultural, nature-based learning environment in which the arts are integrated into academic lessons and stimulation of the child’s imagination and creativity has a high priority. An appreciation for the wonder and beauty of nature is instilled through the use of natural, beautifully crafted materials, the creation of a harmonious, aesthetic classroom environment, a holistic, experiential approach to the sciences, and an attitude of reverence for all life. Through Waldorf-Methods education, the whole child is taught by invigorating the mind intellectually, opening the heart through experiences with creativity, beauty and wonder, and by working actively with the hands and body throughout the day.

Dear Teacher

With a new school year starting, over 60 Brain Highways kids collaborated to write a “Dear Teacher” letter—which they then turned into a short (under two minutes) “Dear Teacher” video. School does greatly influence how kids are viewed by others and how they view themselves. So, while it may take years to change laws or how health care addresses mental health issues, these kids hope their message will be shared with as many educators as possible—knowing that teachers can truly make a huge difference, starting TODAY.

Posted by Brain Highways on Monday, August 24, 2015